Fundraiser description

January 17, 2008


Project Liangping Outreach is a fund raising effort for the Liangping orphanage in China, also known as the Liangping County Social Welfare Institute (SWI). The children who live in the orphanage are under the age of three and one third of them are known to suffer from a variety of medical conditions. The children also have pressing needs for such basic necessities as baby milk formula and clothes. Consequently, your charitable contributions will make a vital difference in their daily lives. To see the orphanage’s current needs, go to

Funds are raised and dispensed with the assistance of Love Without Boundaries (LWB), a non-profit organization with facilitators in China. The Liangping SWI provided a list of items that it most urgently needs. The LWB facilitators in China will use the raised funds to purchase such items and then arrange for the delivery of the items to the SWI. They will also send pictures of the purchased goods which will then be posted on this web site.

Donations can be made online using a credit/debit card or by check, and all donations are tax-deductible for U.S. residents. LWB will send to the donors a receipt for their donations. To donate, go to

Thank you for helping the orphans of Liangping!

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